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Jacksonville Freezers and Walk-In Cooler Repair

All Craft Mechanical Services Inc. is the local leader when it comes to walk-in cooler repair for your Jacksonville area business. Timely repairs are about saving money, and quality service is about protecting your investment.

When you need repair service, the sooner you react, the more likely you'll be able to salvage hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of perishable inventory. Plus, timely repairs protect the integrity of your refrigeration equipment, saving you money by avoiding replacement.

Making sure that you get high-quality work, like walk-in cooler repair, for your machinery will ensure longevity. We're the trusted experts who can deliver quality service, promptly and professionally.

Commercial Freezer Repair

Aside from standard walk-in cooler repair, we also provide expert service for commercial freezer repair work. As the premier choice for HVAC-R in Jacksonville, FL, you'll feel confident that you're in good hands.

Common issues we see and address are repairs like:

  • Power Problems
  • Compressors
  • Temperature Issues
  • Lighting Repairs
  • Evaporator Fan

Keeping your freezer functional is critical for protecting your inventory, but it's also about making sure all of your kitchen equipment meets the food inspection requirements.

Failure to meet the industry guidelines could hurt your business or even shut you down until the work is completed. It's a much better plan to act quickly and stay on top of repairs.

Malfunctioning equipment could cost you a great deal more than the expense of repairs. It can end up severely damaging your reputation and even lead to a significant loss of revenue.

Common Walk-In Cooler Repairs

Trust our HVAC-R experts to help you with keeping your walk-in cooler in topnotch condition. Dealing with issues that arise in walk-in coolers is one of our areas of expertise.

We commonly see repair needs, such as:

  • Temperature Too High

When it comes to mechanics, the problem is often a buildup of frost on the evaporator. It's critical to make sure it's not merely the result of too much product being stored inside, or the exterior door opening too frequently.

  • Ice Buildup

When you notice ice buildup on air vent or evaporator coils, it's time to seek the assistance of an industry expert. You'll need a professional diagnosis to get to the root of the problem.

  • Constantly Running Motor

Your freezer and refrigeration system are meant to cycle, but if you notice it's continuously running, it's time to get that checked out. The longer you wait, the more considerable the damage you could cause, and the higher your cooling bills will be.

Get in touch with our experts today for high-quality walk-in cooler repair in Jacksonville.

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