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Professional Jacksonville Industrial Refrigeration

The name Jacksonville locals trust for industrial refrigeration is always All Craft Mechanical Services Inc.. We're known for our reliable service and skilled craftsmanship.

Not to mention, we're able to quickly locate the source of the problem and make appropriate repairs. This saves our customers time and money and enables them to get back on track with the daily operations of running a business.

Industrial Process and Comfort Cooling

One reason that industrial process and comfort cooling are both services we can handle is that they're similar methods. Process cooling is what's commonly implemented in manufacturing industries; it's used to remove heat from a process.

When used in terms of industrial refrigeration, there are three basic methods used for cooling food: Tunnel Cooling, Spiral Freezing, and Blast Chamber. We'll help you maintain your equipment and save you countless dollars in food waste, monthly utilities, and more serious repairs.

Air and Water Cooled Chillers

Contrary to what the names imply, both air and water-cooled chillers rely on the air stream as a means of heat transfer. It also means you need a reliable HVAC-R to work on both kinds.

These systems remove heat from a load and transfers it to the environment. Because the process relies on a refrigeration system to complete the job, you'll need a refrigeration expert to help with service and repairs.

Cooling Towers

Another form of industrial refrigeration that works through heat transfer is cooling towers. The process divides the working fluid from ambient air.

In order to achieve this, there are several working parts like the heat exchanger and extended fins. Keep your system running without a hitch, by having a reliable service professional to assist with the need for ongoing maintenance.

Variable Speed Drives

Commercial refrigeration systems and AC compressor's drives depend on the Variable Speed Drives (VSD). As the name would insinuate, these devices control the speed of machinery.

The better the system and the performance, the more effectively and efficiently your systems will operate.

Having a mechanical expert handy to call when you need service is essential. All Craft Mechanical Services Inc. is available for service for your VSD and other related machinery.


As part of your refrigeration system, motors are what helps keep everything running. You'll need a dependable local expert that specializes in this field of work.

As a company founded by a third-generation HVAC-R technician, you can feel confident that you're in good hands. We have the training, experience, and skill set necessary to get superior results.


Your pumps should provide efficient and dependable service. This ensures that your equipment continues to operate and that you save money; both are important for a successful business.

Get professional service from our team of experts. Call All Craft Mechanical Services Inc. today for professional industrial refrigeration service in Jacksonville.

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